S.Yawer Ahmed

UX Designer + UI Developer + Artist + Animator

about me




I have been working in the field of User Experience since 2008, my main skills are in User Experience design and Frontend Development, Coordinating with clients and coming up with solutions that provides best experience to the end user. I am able to meet the demands of today's changing web technologies. I have a huge skill set like UI/UX, 2D & 3D Animation, Motion Graphics and VFX.

Here are the places where i can be found.

My Story

Well like other Designers, my life also has a same story, sometimes we end up being a prey for client or sometimes the "Very Creative" project manager, who likes yellows blues and you know...the story goes on and on, But still as an artist i love designing and thanks to these hardships i ve gained a number of skills and you can count on me for these.

Project Planning

Team Player


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Things that i know

Here are some of my Major skills. You can check the complete list of my skills on linkedin.

Jquery / Javascript
Responsive Web
CMS (Wordpress)
Web Apps UX Design (Adobe Photoshop)
Mobile Apps UX Design (Adobe Photoshop,Adobe Illustrator)
3D/2D Animation (Max, Adobe Photoshop / Premier)

My Work

National Arms
National Arms Association
Ice Crushed Chillers
Ice Crushed Chillers
Chocolate Smoothie
Car Drift Animation
3D Working of a Biogas Plant
2D Working of a Biogas Plant
Company Animation
Secure Cast- Recent
Secure Cast - Add People
Furniture Outlet
Eat Oye Cart
Eat Oye Delivery
Eat Oye Profile
Secure Cast People
Secure Cast Profile
Web App Tour